J2C Consulting carries out many internal audits "outsourced" by companies.


Why this choice?

Internal auditors of the company are involved in others functions and are unable to find the time. Because of the lack of practice, the added value remains low on time.

Audit done by a professional it is efficiency, ensure greater availability internally.


System audit :

These audits may be carried out on all or part of your systems, organization or process.  J2C consulting can also work in pairs with an internal auditor to provide a form of coaching and strengthen its skills.

Manufacturing process audit :

Often based on FIEV or VDA6 standards with an adaptation of the issues to your business. In addition to compliance, these audits assess the effectiveness and the feedback with the cost. The comparison between the FMECA and the control plan is also done.

Supplier audit :

Systems, process audit or other topics with the aim of identifying risks, including the risk of major disruption for delivery.  The objective is to understand the potential risk  of disaster.  The sufficiency of insurance contracts  (liability) may be considered (after delivery, or damage to the entrusted property, environmental pollution,...) but also your insurance contracts.

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